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perfect summer lunch: salad

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And better yet, one I didn’t have to prepare.

True story: I find many restaurant salads and salad bars disappointing, if not unappetizing.  I want to eat healthy and vegetarian when I’m out, and the salad bar or menu should be a haven of health happiness.  Alas.  Limp iceberg, soggy tomatoes, carb-heavy croutons, and artery-clogging dressings seem to be the standard fare.  I’ll just have French fries, please.  They’re vegan, right?

But fortunately, there’s The New Yokel Market, with the best salad bar around – fresh, healthy, vegan/vegetarian-friendly, delicious.   Real greens!  Real vegetables, and lots of them!  Beans, nuts, and seeds!  Daniel and I are regulars for lunch, and we usually pick up a few groceries while we’re at it.

Hello, gorgeous.

Also lovely.

P.S. My other favorite restaurant salad is at Caliente, where you build yours from a selection of delicious ingredients (and real, green lettuce).


Written by Ann

June 20, 2011 at 7:19 pm

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