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day trip: deer island

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After a lovely and inspiring weekend in Seaside, Florida, Daniel and I weren’t yet ready to be away from the beach.  So we made a day trip to Deer Island, just off the Biloxi beach, leaving behind holiday revelers for a quiet afternoon on the Gulf side of the island.

We loaded up our little canoe and paddled the short distance from the Biloxi beach to Deer Island.

Daniel remembers a very different shoreline from his pre-Katrina visit. This wreckage is a poignant marker of the storm's destruction.

A fishing reef is tucked away from the Gulf shoreline.

There is a breathtaking array of flora and, given the tracks we saw, fauna in the narrow interior of the island.

More lovely flora.

Live oaks, which once shaded houses, provide little shady spots for resting.

Daniel plans to transform our canoe into a sailing canoe by outfitting it with a mast, mainsail, lead boards, and out-rigging.  (Apparently this can be and is done – you can even buy a kit, but Daniel is DIYing it.)  This way, we can make it to Horn Island without having to train to row crew.


Written by Ann

July 5, 2011 at 2:37 am

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