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furniture shuffle (again)

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My desk’s new and improved home. Domino effect of furniture shuffling, as seen below.

It always begins with cleaning.  When we got back from our Saturday brunch, we started cleaning and the next thing I knew, I was lugging my little desk up the stage stairs while Daniel (bless him!) was cleaning baseboards in the bedroom.  Neither of us really liked the desk where we first put it (see here).  And I haven’t liked the piano against the chalkboard since we moved it earlier this summer (see Phase III here).  Today, I was suddenly inspired with what we both think might be the solution to the awkward piano placement problem:

Putting the piano under the painting in the entry-area makes so much sense. I have no idea why it hasn’t occurred to me before.

The slim profile keeps the entry area plenty open. Bonus: I get to look at a gorgeous painting while I play.


But the furniture moving didn’t stop there.  Daniel wasn’t thrilled with the placement of his desk, either (see Phase I and Phase III here).  Nor have I liked Daniel’s standing desk on the same wall as the bed (also in Phase III).  So we replaced Daniel’s computer desk with the standing desk:

A better spot for the standing desk, with a much needed reorganizing of the shelves. Actually, we first placed this desk in the same corner, only on the chalkboard wall. It was the right place, wrong wall.

Daniel’s dissertation research binders (formerly perched on the too-small shelves of the standing desk) found a new home on the nook bookshelf, which was sparsely populated.


Daniel’s computer desk now occupies the landing/office area at the top of the stage steps, where the patio furniture once was.  (The patio furniture is now in storage in my grandmother’s garage.  I never liked it inside, and it was not an ideal desk for me.)  We think this will be much better in terms of lighting and general feng shui.

My Parisian café chair found a new spot, too.


I guess this constitutes Phase IV of furniture placement in our condo, and we’ve only been here 14 months.  Just as a writer’s work is never finished and a revision can breathe new life into old work, furniture arrangements are never final and a move can bring balance and satisfaction.  Most of the time, when I find myself frustrated with a piece of furniture and wanting to buy something new, I really just need to move that piece.

But there was another motive behind this furniture rearrangement.  We desperately need another chest of drawers.  We have somehow managed to share one modest-sized chest of drawers (seen here), stuffing workout and off-season clothes into boxes and shelves.  But with so little closet space, the chest of drawers is overworked, to say the least.  We’ve been (so far unsuccessfully) monitoring antique stores and Craigslist for a chest of drawers to put in this space:

The future home of the elusive chest of drawers. Until then, the lamp sits on the floor, and Daniel is without a bedside table.

I think a trip to New Orleans is in order.


Written by Ann

August 6, 2011 at 7:37 pm

4 Responses

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  1. Ann, this looks wonderful! I really like the placement of the piano (may I confess I’m a bit jealous of the painting?). We are in need of a dresser that is “just so” and I don’t think we’ll ever find it! Keep posting; your apartment is lovely.


    August 7, 2011 at 5:17 pm

  2. How lovely your ideas about re-arranging furniture. So funny, I did the same thing last weekend. I had a little motivational spurt, decided my “inside” view could use a new freshness!! A little pop of orange (my signature color), red and yellow – what a difference a change in color makes, and so easy to do with my antique dining room table. Really, your piano IS in the perfect place. I have always pondered “what about that long chalkboard”? We live in a Historical Building (Ann, Daniel and I are condo neighbors) and many unique items affiliated with a “grammer school” were required to remain, e.g. cubby holes for books, chalk boards, original stage and all of the outside remained the exact same. Your collection of pics above your bed THE BOMB!! LOVE YOUR IMPROVEMENTS!!

    Debi Davenport

    March 5, 2012 at 12:26 am

  3. […] opportunity to make this a legitimate furniture shuffle (as I am wont to do this time of year; see here).  And since, as I describe here, the kitchen table gets most of its use as my desk, I decided to […]

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