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bathroom beautification (part one)

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Beautification step one: a better-looking vignette on the chest of drawers.

After a couple of weeks of feeling rather uninspired by my décor (and frustrated that I cannot, in fact, redecorate my entire abode), I realized there are small victories to be won.  This overhaul of the vignette on the chest of drawers in the bathroom was just dramatic enough to feel like a victory, and it was time- and budget-friendly enough to feel sensible, too.  Here’s to having and eating our cake.

Before: uninspiring.

Before closeup: questionably-tasteful jewelry box, my alarm clock from high school, a Waterford crystal dish given to me as a high school graduation present, bamboo, and Kleenex.

After: streamlined.

After closeup: vintage custard dishes, vintage-inspired clock, Waterford dish, and a tray given to us as a wedding present.

I scored these vintage custard dishes – the perfect way to organize and display the jewelry I wear most frequently – at the Calico Mall downtown.  The vintage-inspired clock was an Amazon find, and the Waterford dish, where I keep my wedding and engagement rings, looks more at home now.  The black and silver tray, which I’ve had for years and never really found a permanent use for, became the perfect anchor for the vignette.

Beautification part two, in which I (finally) replace the drawer pulls on the chest of drawers, coming soon.


Written by Ann

October 27, 2011 at 2:30 pm

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  1. I like this. Small victories. 🙂


    October 28, 2011 at 6:13 pm

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