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Lights, greenery, and ornaments. Just not in the usual configuration.

We decided a couple of weeks ago not to get a traditional Christmas tree this year, and, instead, we created this bottle tree as a permanent art fixture.  But that doesn’t mean I’m not decorating for the holidays – it just looks different this year.  I’m going for low(er) environmental impact, with all the cheer of traditional décor.

We love the smell of Fraser fir and pine, so we went to Lowe’s and picked up the discarded Christmas tree branches (they’re free!).  We brought home a tarp-full of clippings, and I prepared the vases I’ve been collecting from the Calico Antique Mall.  A few hours of clipping and sap-covered hands later, the halls were decked.

The largest arrangement: Fraser fir in a Hoosier glass vase on Daniel's desk.

A smaller Fraser fir arrangement tucked into the pony wall garden.

A low-profile pine arrangement on the coffee table.

A low-profile Fraser fir arrangement on the island. Our cheery red bowl is beginning to fill up with Christmas party invites and cards.

A pine arrangement adds drama to the table.

Fraser fir on the entryway console.

A simple pine arrangement for the bathroom counter.

I also went through my box of Christmas tree ornaments and selected some to place at the base of arrangements, and I set out tea lights and votives.  I used burlap (leftover from the bottle tree project) at the base of the table and coffee table arrangements.

Gold ornaments and votives sparkle at the base of the table arrangement.

Red ornaments (in a Good Earth Mockingbird dish) at the base of the coffee table arrangement.

Papier-mâché animals (made in Haiti from newspaper) flank the vase on the dining room console.

A collection of gold votives for the piano.

My next step is to find holly berries to add to these arrangements – perhaps closer to house tour time.  For now, though, we’re enjoying the smell of evergreen and the romance of the candles and lights.


Written by Ann

November 27, 2011 at 12:39 pm

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