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Daniel and I have a history of buying plants in early January, when the absence of Christmas greenery reveals to us that we need more green in our space.  Three years ago, we bought a lovely cane plant, which now resides in the bathroom, to fill the space vacated by the Christmas tree.  And every new year, it seems, our pothos collection grows.  So, after a month of enjoying our holiday greenery, I decided to focus this year’s green makeover on the pony wall garden.

That particular collection of plants – mostly pothos – hasn’t changed much since we moved in, except for the addition of a taller pothos plant and a failed attempt at orchids (seen here).  I knew I wanted more height and more variety, and I knew I could rely on Daniel to find an unexpected and delightful solution.  Our pothos plants have been thriving, sending vines across the wall, down to the floor, and beyond, so Daniel suggested finding an object we could use to train the vines upward.  Off we went to the Calico Mall, where we found the perfect object: a globe on a stand.

Using small green ties, Daniel gently wrapped and attached the pothos vines to the globe stand.

Et voilà.

Once we had that clear focal point, the rest fell into place.  I got a few more non-pothos plants to add height and depth, and we added them to the collection, using pothos vines to unify the arrangement.  I couldn’t be happier with our new and improved indoor garden.

Our found driftwood takes a more prominent place in the new arrangement.

This is the view from the living room and Daniel's desk.

And the view from the bedroom.

It wouldn't be a McNair creation if it weren't a little strange, after all.


Written by Ann

January 6, 2012 at 11:35 am

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