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office space

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I like to think I’m a mostly-neat person. My office, however, would suggest otherwise.  I can usually keep most spaces de-cluttered, but the hutch to the right of my computer is a weak point.  I try to start every semester organized, knowing that by the end of the semester, that space will be a disaster zone of meeting notes, class preps, files, and student papers.  This semester began without organization, and last week I finally tackled the problem.

Before. Embarrassing, yes.

My love for baskets and containers is well documented on this blog (here, here, and here), and baskets and containers saved my desk from an embarrassing state of chaos.

After. {deep, cleansing breath}

While I was at it, I did some tidying up in the other corners of my rather modest space.

And I hung this art poster, on loan from my mother, who worked at the university museum when she was a grad student at Ole Miss.

Totally more fun than grading papers.

(Note to self: get a 2012 calendar already.)


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February 20, 2012 at 1:44 pm

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fête set

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Though I didn’t advertise this to our guests, the reception we hosted last night for an English department candidate was our first foray into vegan entertaining.  I won’t pretend I wasn’t a little nervous, especially since three of the four menu items were new to me, but I was delighted with the way everything turned out.  The guests enjoyed the fare, and I feel like this was a stereotype-defying endeavor.  No hummus or carrot sticks or tofu in sight (OK, there’s tofu in the king cake, but you’d never know).

The Menu:

Sun-dried tomato dip with basil (from Veganomicon)

Walnut-mushroom pâté (from Veganomicon)

Chocolate-hazelnut biscotti (from Veganomicon)

King cake (from Cake Maker to the Stars)

I kept the color palette simple and organic: shades of green and white/cream inspired by my Good Earth pottery.  I added a hint of sparkle and shine with this table runner from Anthropologie and silver pen on the food label cards, as well as a few of my metallic votives (last seen at Christmas).  Simple arrangements of white lilies on the table, entryway console, and my desk subtly echoed the color palette throughout the house.