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Though I didn’t advertise this to our guests, the reception we hosted last night for an English department candidate was our first foray into vegan entertaining.  I won’t pretend I wasn’t a little nervous, especially since three of the four menu items were new to me, but I was delighted with the way everything turned out.  The guests enjoyed the fare, and I feel like this was a stereotype-defying endeavor.  No hummus or carrot sticks or tofu in sight (OK, there’s tofu in the king cake, but you’d never know).

The Menu:

Sun-dried tomato dip with basil (from Veganomicon)

Walnut-mushroom pâté (from Veganomicon)

Chocolate-hazelnut biscotti (from Veganomicon)

King cake (from Cake Maker to the Stars)

I kept the color palette simple and organic: shades of green and white/cream inspired by my Good Earth pottery.  I added a hint of sparkle and shine with this table runner from Anthropologie and silver pen on the food label cards, as well as a few of my metallic votives (last seen at Christmas).  Simple arrangements of white lilies on the table, entryway console, and my desk subtly echoed the color palette throughout the house.


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