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Apparently I cannot leave my furniture alone for more than a few months: I realized this morning it’s been awhile since I rearranged furniture, and I knew what I needed to do.  When we rearranged furniture back in August (see here), I created a space between the bed and windows.  Just weeks later, I found an upcycled chest of drawers for the space, and eventually I also added a vintage trunk on loan from my parents.  But the proportions just didn’t seem quite right, so today I switched the tray table and the dresser.

The vintage chest found a new spot in the reading nook.

I like this better, I think.  But I’m still not completely sold.  It occurred to me that maybe we need two nightstands – if not matching, then at least the same height.  (I like this one in white, but I’m also floating the idea to Daniel of making our own.)  In that case, the chest of drawers should probably move back to the right side of the bed, closer to the window.  Today, however, everything will stay put.

Daniel likes this space open, but I would love to put a small chair there. It's the best light in the condo, especially for reading.


Written by Ann

March 3, 2012 at 3:17 pm

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