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walnut-stuffed mushrooms

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It’s no secret we love mushrooms around here.  Just this week, we’ve had mushrooms cooked in soup, sautéed with spaghetti sauce (a healthy stand-in for pasta), raw, dipped in salsa, and, tonight, stuffed magnificently.  A friend told me his grandfather lived for several months on a carefully selected assortment of mushrooms that provided all the nutrients he needed, which I find wonderfully fascinating.  While I don’t pretend they’re our only source of nutrients, mushrooms have certainly become a staple in our diet.

So often, though, mushrooms play a supporting role, rather than the lead, and that’s why I was delighted to discover this recipe a few months ago.  Mushrooms take center stage and perform beautifully in this new favorite dish.

I tossed the mushrooms stems into the stuffing purée. Why waste them?

Because we’re also obsessed with tarragon, I used tarragon (instead of the sage called for) in the filling and as a garnish.  Also, I usually have filling left over, and it is marvelous dipped with crackers or spread over a piece of bread.  Bon appétit!


Written by Ann

March 18, 2012 at 9:47 pm

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