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garden goodness: truck garden lettuce

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Daniel’s carefully constructed and lovingly tended truck garden is full of goodness – we’ve got mint, basil, Thai basil, mustard greens, lettuce, cilantro, onion, garlic chives, rosemary, and thyme, as well as some zinnias. Since the lettuce and greens were first to come up and have been multiplying almost faster than we can eat them or give them away, we’ve been having truck garden lettuce alone as a simple salad and on/with everything else we make. Daniel has agreed to write a post on the truck garden soon, but for now, here’s what we’ve been eating:

Black Bean Burgers with Truck Garden Lettuce and Avocado

I love that our local Baker’s Burgers has a vegetarian black bean burger (see my review here), but it’s made with eggs. And while that doesn’t stop us from the occasional visit, I’d just as soon have an egg-free (and lower fat) version. Lately, I’ve been making my own black bean burgers (loosely based on this recipe) and garnishing them with avocado and, of course, truck garden lettuce.

Onions, chili powder, corn meal, bread crumbs, parsley (but I use cilantro when I can), and black beans – plus water, salt, and pepper – ready for mashing.


Patties browning in a bit of olive oil.

Ready for devouring.


Black Bean Tacos with Homemade Salsa, Avocado, and Truck Garden Lettuce

We apparently can’t get enough of the black bean + avocado + lettuce combo around here, but who doesn’t love tacos, after all? I like to season the black beans with cumin, oregano, Frank’s hot sauce, black pepper, and a dash of salt, then smother them with Daniel’s homemade salsa (different every time, but here’s our basic recipe) and garnish with fresh avocado and truck garden lettuce.


Written by Ann

April 19, 2012 at 10:37 am