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unicorn poster

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Found at last: the missing piece to make this bedroom wall feel finished.  And it’s a unicorn poster from 1982!  We found this poster at the delightfully kooky Pop Shop on Dauphine in New Orleans’s Bywater neighborhood back in March.  (That visit also included a delicious lunch at Satsuma Cafe, just next door to the Pop Shop and also wonderfully quirky.)  I don’t know Lynn Lascaro‘s work, but I do know this poster had just the graphic element my blank wall needed.  And did I mention it’s a unicorn?

I got around to framing our unicorn in late March, got around to hanging it in late April, and got around to photographing it last week – but it’s there at last, and the wall is better for it.  Figuring out the bedroom décor on this wall has been quite a journey (seen here, here, here, and, most recently, here), and I’m glad to have it settled – for now.


Written by Ann

May 14, 2012 at 2:57 pm

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