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summertime shuffle

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For the last couple of weeks (and a few weeks to come), our dining area has been a construction zone, which means the table and chairs are, well, not in the dining area.  After a few days of stumbling over hastily and awkwardly stowed chairs, I saw an opportunity to make this a legitimate furniture shuffle (as I am wont to do this time of year; see here).  And since, as I describe here, the kitchen table gets most of its use as my desk, I decided to make it my actual desk.

It’s the perfect size for number crunching and book stacking, really.  The sewing table is tucked in the dining room nook (just barely out of the construction zone), where it’s now a lovely console/buffet table.

And, finally, the bedside table that was, embarrassingly, acting as the dining room console table is now a bedside table.  (Because, really, drawers are a must for a bedside table.)  And the bed got a little makeover with organic slate-colored sheets and a tucked-in coverlet to sharpen up the look.  (Why haven’t I been tucking in the coverlet all along?)

So what about that construction zone?  Daniel is building us a proper dining table (the plan is to seat eight) from the wood he has painstakingly salvaged from shipping pallets.  More on that soon!


Written by Ann

June 30, 2012 at 1:31 pm

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more truck-garden goodness: basil pesto

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The truck garden had its first big pruning of the year a couple of weeks ago (so that we could use the truck to carry something without damaging the plants – but that’s another story).  This meant we had to use up quite a bit of basil, and I’ve been waiting for that moment: basil pesto time!  I used this tried-and-true recipe but have since encountered several intriguing twists on the classic.  Most useful, I thought, was the suggestion to add spinach, since it takes nearly a small plant’s worth of basil just for one batch.

This pesto made for some decadent dipping.  And while I do love basil pesto, I also love fresh basil on a sandwich with roma tomato, mozzarella, and a dash of olive salad.  While we’re waiting for another batch of basil, we’re enjoying our malabar spinach and garden cucumbers.

Written by Ann

June 21, 2012 at 3:07 pm

summer flowers

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I can’t believe how quickly the summer is flying by – and how breathtakingly busy it’s been.  Fortunately, there are summer flowers and herbs to bring a little summer happiness inside (minus the heat).  I always have fresh flowers when we’re entertaining, but after the last party we threw, I realized I shouldn’t have to wait till the next one to fill my vases.  Daniel has been making me little bouquets of zinnias and flowering herbs from the truck garden to put on the piano, and I love that I smell mint when I open the door.

And since the mint would take over the truck garden if he let it, Daniel also brings in stems for the dining table.  There can never be too much mint inside, after all, and I pair the herb arrangements with unscented votives to avoid competing with the fresh smell of mint.

Not all my summer flowers are from the truck garden; these gorgeous hydrangea blossoms were a gift from Joyce Hicks, the talented florist at Blooms, whom I interviewed for a piece for Mississippi Magazine.  The blossoms, paired with a delightful black pepper-scented candle (also from Blooms), make summer writing more fun.

Written by Ann

June 8, 2012 at 3:57 pm