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the shipping pallet dining table

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Harvest-style dining table made from shipping pallets.

Daniel made this dining table entirely from carefully disassembled shipping pallets and finished it with a mixture of coconut oil and locally-harvested beeswax. It’s his masterpiece, and I am as giddy as a kid at Christmas.  He’s not new to building: his dad is an accomplished woodworker, and Daniel built the bookshelf and media console in our living room, as well as the standing desk/bookshelf in our bedroom/study (seen here) – not to mention the two coolest bottle sculptures ever (here and here).

Earlier this summer, we sourced the mostly-oak pallets from a pallet dealer down the road.  (No truck garden plants were harmed in the process!)  We paid $32 for eight pallets, two of which are still intact, and Daniel used some of the pieces to build the containers for our succulent garden.

I love how Daniel preserved the architecture of the pallets, especially in the bracing and in the legs, but created a beautifully streamlined silhouette.

Stamped boards from shipping pallets feature prominently in the dining table design.

The shipping pallet table seats eight comfortably - ten if we're squeezing.


A few readers have requested a photo of the underside of the table, so here it is:

table underside


Written by Ann

August 26, 2012 at 9:56 pm