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This weekend, Daniel and I made a day trip to Ocean Springs with three items on our agenda: 1) a remarkable pitcher plant bog in the Desoto National Forest, 2) good food, and 3) pelican watching.  I’m happy to report it was a success – and just the getaway we needed.


Locals call this extensive pitcher plant bog “Buttercup Flats,” and I can see why.


The vegetarian samosas at Mosaic Tapas were delicious, and it was perfect weather for an al fresco lunch.


The pelicans who live around this pier (near the Shearwater Bridge) have a delightful habit of roosting and preening on these posts.  And their preening moves had us laughing out loud.


(The photo of the pitcher plants and the close-up photos of the pelicans were taken by Daniel.)


Written by Ann

April 21, 2013 at 10:17 pm

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