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farewell to the walthall

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We’ve lived here in the Walthall for three years, and we’ve absolutely loved it.  The time has come, though, to say goodbye to this most wonderful place, and at the end of this month, we’ll make the first of two (!) moves this summer.  Our first move will be to a smaller place just a block away from where we are now – a duplex in a charming little bungalow.  That’s where Daniel and the greyhounds will live for the next two years or so as he finishes his graduate work in biology.  At the end of the summer, I will move to Seattle to start a PhD program in language and rhetoric at the University of Washington.

As sorry as we are to leave our condo, we’re excited about what’s ahead.  And even though moving is hard, tedious work, I actually do enjoy the cathartic cleansing and purging that (for us) only happens when we move.  And I LOVE an opportunity to arrange furniture and decorate in a new place.  (Someone please remind me of all this when I’m hauling the 500th box in 90+ degree heat and humidity!)  Here’s a last look at our condo: