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roasted brussels sprouts and cauliflower

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In my last post, I declared dishes that require heating or cooking to be the last thing I’d want in summer.  So here’s me taking that back, because who doesn’t love roasted vegetables?  And especially roasted brussels sprouts?  Yes, running the oven at 400 degrees makes an already-hot kitchen hotter, but at least you don’t have to be in there with it.  I declare this dish to be easy and requiring minimal time in the kitchen with the hot oven: summer friendly!

Because I also love cauliflower, I used this recipe.  I knew it was a winner when I saw the ingredients, especially garlic and balsamic vinegar.  And it’s so easy.  And so good.

A note on oil: this recipe calls for olive oil, and I do love olive oil.  But it’s not necessarily safe to heat olive oil.  Many agree that olive oil should not be heated above medium-high on the stove, but others believe it can become carcinogenic with even less heat and eschew heating it at all.  At any rate, to be safe, canola oil would make a fine swap here.  And don’t hate on (real, pure) canola oil.  It’s from mustard seed, and it’s good for you!  (This from my husband, the plant aficionado.)


I paired this with a vegan not-steak, but I think there’s probably not much out there this wouldn’t go with.


What are you eating this summer?


Written by Ann

June 20, 2013 at 10:09 pm

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